Create a new location

To turn your hotspot live, you'll have to follow a particular process. We'll begin by the network hardware requirements:

  • having a GRE or IPsec compatible hardware (usually a router)

  • if your public IP is static, you'll need GRE or IPsec ( ikev1 tunnel mode )

  • if your public IP is dynamic, you'll need  IPsec with FQDN ( ikev1 mode tunnel )

The second step is to create your location in the admin console. Go to the locations page to create your new location.

The important part is the fields located at the top of the window, we will cover each one below.

  • The first one is the name of the location. Pick something relevant to you and your company. It will not be visible to the end user, only in the admin console.

  • The second one is the type of routing you need. Check the next section for more information about each one.

  • The next field is where you will enter the public IP of your network if it is static. If your IP is dynamic, we will generate an identifier based on the location name and the VPN passkey set in your account settings.
    Caution: based on this rule, your location name must be unique. It also has to be unique until the first " - " character as our algorithm will cut the rest of the name after this character to generate the identifier. Any non-alphanumeric character will be removed. Here is an example:
    Paris_Shop(75000)  will become
     Paris-Shop  will become
    The end result will be a unique hash identifier that looks like this:

  • The fourth option lets you choose the default portal for this location. This is the portal your users will see when connecting to the hotspot.

  • The next one is the country this location is in. This will help make filtering easier and reporting more meaningful.

  • The last one is the scope or scopes you want your location to be part of. A scope is a way to group locations together so that you can filter admins to certain locations or apply a portal to a group of locations.

You can then click the floppy disk to save your location. The provisioning process to activate the new location will then begin. It can take 15 minutes to 2 hours to be effective. You will be notified by mail when it is over. It will contain your connection information.

Configure your network

  • If your public IP is static, select "GRE" or "IP based IPSec"

  • If your public IP is dynamic, select "FQDN based IPSec" 

You can also take a look at our article "How to choose your type of location according to your network topology"

Additional settings

After clicking on Edit Location in the sub-menu you will have access to additional settings to configure your location. You can also modify every setting you already entered.

On the left side, you can specify the language and timezone of the location.
You can also enter a redirection URL to navigate your users to after they log into your hotspot.

On the right side, you can add additional IPs to the list of public IPs, add the scopes your location is part of and set max inbound and outbound bandwidth for your location as a whole.

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