The location status is calculated from four parameters:

  • Traffic from the last 30 minutes.

  • Traffic for the same time period on the same 30 minutes timeframe of the last weekday.

  • Total number of sessions for the last weekday. 

Days are calendar days (GMT).

Different colors are used to instantly see if everything is running smoothly.
Here is what they mean:

  • Grey: No activity at least in the last seven days. Location is ready to use ( provisioning completed ).

  • Green: Traffic is OK, Similar conditions as last week.

  • Blue: New active location on which traffic is seen for less than a week
    ( location in learning mode ).

  • Yellow: Location not ready, under provisioning.

  • Orange: No active sessions on a quiet timeframe. A quiet timeframe is labeled as such when it receives less than 10% of the daily traffic or if total day sessions are less than 100.

  • Red: Traffic is not OK. No active sessions on a busy timeframe, traffic
    has dropped more than 50% compared to last week same time period or there is a provisioning failure.

  • Purple: No traffic seen for more than 3 days while some traffic was seen

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