General considerations

Cookies consist of portions of text installed in the device browser that help a Service Provider deliver optimal service according to the purposes described. Cloudi-Fi, as a Service Provider, uses multiple cookies to deliver its services to Users in compliance with its Customers needs.

Cookies are used to identify a device and track its use of the service for a better user experience and personalized service. Cookies used may be different depending on the Cloudi-Fi services subscribed by the customer. 

Cookie use is closely watched by different regulations in the world to avoid abuse of user activity tracking. Also, when using the service, third-party cookies and other tracking systems may be used and cannot be technically controlled by Cloudi-Fi.
Any specific references to cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties are to be considered indicative only.
Specific development may be required by the customer and would use additional cookies which may not comply with the policy just described above.

Cloudi-Fi initiated cookies

While Cloudi-Fi, as a Web Service Provider, requires the use of cookies to deliver its services, Cloudi-Fi is willing to comply with the bare minimum usage of them to achieve its services. 

All the cookies installed by Cloudi-Fi are restricted to the following rules:

  • Cookies content as a whole never allow identifying an individual

  • Cookies are First Party Cookies

  • Cookies may have different lifetime but never last for more than one year

Cloudi-Fi uses cookies to save the user’s session and to carry out other tasks that are strictly required to deliver the service.
Cloudi-Fi uses cookies to save browsing preferences and to optimize the user experience. For instance, some are meant to set the language and the authentication persistence, other ones are used for the management of first party statistics used directly and only by Cloudi-Fi and available to the customer.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and usage data.
Place of data processing: Depends on the customer headquarters location

Third-party services using cookies

Some of the services enabled by the customer may use third party services along with cookies associated to this service. Cloudi-Fi makes sure that each one of those services has its own cookie policy available. Third-party operated services are listed below:

Google Analytics (Google Inc.): Google Analytics is a web analytics service.Google uses the data collected to track and analyze the use of the service by its audience.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and usage data.
Place of data processing: USA
Privacy policy:

Unbounce Landing Page (Unbounce Inc.): Unbounce is a marketing service provider. It records the willingness of users to be recontacted by the customer through multiple means.
Personal Data collected: Cookie and usage data.
Place of data processing: Canada
Privacy policy:

Active Campaign (Activecampaign, Inc.): Active Campaign is a marketing automation tool. It retargets the user through Web, email or SMS depending on its willingness and actions.
Personal Data collected: Cookie and usage data.
Place of data processing: USA
Privacy policy:

Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook, Inc.): Facebook Ads conversion tracking is an analytics service. It connects data from the Facebook advertising network with actions performed on this website.
Personal Data collected: Cookie and usage data.
Place of data processing: USA
Privacy policy:

Cookies preferences management by the user

The user can manage his cookies preferences within his browser. The user can remove the cookies installed. The user can also disable the use of cookies or use private navigation, understanding that the service may be hindered.

A cookie is a piece of text used to identify a device, this identity is related to gathered information stored in the backend of the Service Provider. The user can exercise his right to remove this gathered information, opting out of the service by contacting directly the Service Provider.


Cookie: A cookie is a message given to a web browser by a web server. The browser stores the message in a text file. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.

Service Provider: Organization, business or individual which offers services to others in exchange for payment.

Customer: Any person, organization, or other entity that has signed up for Cloudi-Fi services.

Third Party: Any organization or person, other than the customer or Cloudi-Fi. This includes, but is not limited to: CRM/CMS systems, email marketing software, billing and shopping cart/check-out platforms, PPC conversion tracking codes, analytics and other tracking software, non Cloudi-Fi forms, file hosting/sharing platforms, and any organization or person with which you or Cloudi-Fi conducts business or integrates.

User: An individual using Cloudi-Fi service.

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