In the admin console, when clicking on Reporting and Private in the menu, your private reports will be displayed. It contains only the graphs you created and is only visible by you.

First, you need to create a dashboard that will contain all the charts you want to create. You can create several dashboards, to differentiate between different purpose dashboards.

You can start to create your charts by clicking on the orange " + " button.

A modal will open asking you the graph name, its type (bar, pie chart, doughnut,..) and the data to report. Here are the different data types meaning:

  • Authentication events: An authentication event is recorded when a guest successfully log into one of your hotspots, they are not distinct, when a guest connects more than once to your hotspot, it will be recorded as a new event.

  • Returning guest: A returning guest is a guest that has connected more than once into your hotspots.

  • Active count: This sums up any data you wish to sum and then group by another type of data to visualize. For instance, you could select to count authentications then group by country to see how many authentications took place in each country.

  • Max active sessions: This will sum concurrent guests sessions on the same period. For instance, you could see that 200 persons were using your hotspots on July 1st at 4PM.

  • Accounts creation: Accounts creation means the number of accounts created whether the guest authenticated or not.

Then you choose the view you wish to display your data by and click Add this Graph to add it to your dashboard.

You have the option to further filter all your graphs in one go. You could only filter data relevant to your country or a specific location.

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