The Cloudi-Fi API offers a set of functionalities that our partners and clients can access with some API calls.

  Here is a list of some functionalities with their documentation link:

  • Obtain a token: You can get a token session for a period of 12 hours where you could realize several operations: create a location, retrieve your guest authentications and so on. click here

  • Register on the portal: When a guest registers on a portal, this last action is translated by a succession of API calls. click here

  • Retrieve your guest authentications: You can retrieve your guest authentications with several options: get supplementary information about authentication events or filter them. click here

  • Retrieve your guest identities: As for guest authentications, you can retrieve your guest identities with several options: get supplementary information about identities or filter them. click here 

  • Manage your administrators: You can realize several operations on administrators but also on their profiles and scopes. click here

  • Create a location: You can create a location by following a succession of steps. click here 

  • Manage your locations: As for administrators, you can realize several operations on locations and their scopes. click here 

  • Manage your templates: You can create, modify a new portal and list them. Moreover, you can repeat these operations for the terms of use and also assign a portal to a location. click here

  • Appendix Attributes/IDs: This section allows you to have a global view on available authentication modules, names, systems of browsers and languages. click here

  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the functionalities mentioned above or about the API.

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