Virtual locations are used to virtually define private IP ranges or associated SSIDs.

By default, a location is defined based on a public IP.  You can also define multiple Virtual locations into the same public IP location based on private IP ranges.

For instance, you can share one unique Internet access for various countries or sites but need to use different captive portals (branding, logo or registration process for instance) based on the sites. Each site will be associated to a virtual location based on the private network being used.

Note that the same private networks can be used with multiple public IPs. For instance, can be used with two different physical locations. This eases industrial deployments with numerous sites involved. 

Create a Virtual location

Go to the location page on the admin console and select "Virtual location" from the type drop-down menu.

Choose the physical location you wish to create your virtual location in.

And enter the private IP range  you want

You can see the physical location of a virtual one by opening its details in the locations list

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