Terms of use are often shared between multiple locations and portal templates. We provide you with an easy way to implement multilingual terms of use in your portals.

Build the terms of use archive

 The first step is to make a ZIP archive containing the different terms of use. It should look like this

At the root of the archive, you should put an index.html containing the default terms of use and a folder containing translated versions.

If there is no match between the requested language and the available translations the guest will be shown the fallback index.html terms of use.

Note: Please use the two-letter format convention to name your translated terms of use. This is necessary for the file to match with the guest's browser language.

Add the terms of use to the admin console 

When your archive is done you will need to upload it to the admin console. Go to the portal page and choose the terms of use panel. 

 Click on the cloud icon to upload your ZIP archive, fill the other fields as you need and press save.

Click on the eye icon next to your new terms of use in the list to preview it. In the search bar you can find the URL you'll need to link to it.


if you leave it as it is, our server will try to match the language of the guest's browser with the available translations in the archive. You can force the language by adding "lang=language" at the end of the URL. You should replace the "language" part with the language you wish to link to like so:


Feel free now to link to it in your portal with a <a> tag, embed it with an iframe or making an AJAX call to retrieve the HTML.

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