When you have a high volume of digital identities available, being able to search or filter those becomes critical. For instance, it is often required to filter individuals who have opted-in the marketing services before exporting identities into the CRM/Marketing automation software.

To achieve this, first go to the identities page of the admin console.

On the left is the first search criteria you can choose from.

  • Creation Date: The date the guest authenticated for the first time

  • Last Seen: ┬áThe date the guest authenticated for the last time

  • Validity Start: This is the date the guest registered his account for the last time. A word of caution: if your guest registers again after his first validity period expired this date will be updated.

  • Validity End: This is the date when the current validity period for your guest will end. Like the validity start, this date can be updated if your guest register again.

The next menu is about the timeframe you want to search into

Most of them are self-explanatory but the last two are a bit different.

  • "Custom" lets you define a custom time period to search from

  • "All time" will get all the identities since the creation of the account. However, you may need to enter additional criteria in the "quick filter" field to narrow down the search.

Note: For every time period except "all time" the "quick filter" search operates as an additional search to narrow down the results of the search with text from any column.
However, when "all time" is selected, the "quick filter" is mandatory.

The last field, the "subscription" filter, assists you to easily retrieve identities who checked the checkboxes on your portal, like marketing options or privacy ones for instance.

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