Showroom, client meeting, product launch…
Your company may need to offer the guest Wi-Fi for more people than usual and for a specific period.
The Cloudi-Fi solution allows companies to manage their special events from their admin account.

Manage your events

Go to the events page first. You will see all the events scheduled.

You can edit an existing event or create a new one. Let's create a brand new event.

Here you can set the name of the event that will also appear in the event section of your portal (note that the portal must be compatible with this feature for the section to appear), an optional passcode to secure your event so that only guests who know the code can log in, the start and end dates for your event (only events that match the current date are displayed on the portal to the guests) and the perimeter of your event.
You can match your event with a group of locations, locations that have a certain scope, or individual locations if your event is only for some of them.

Finally, you can notify anyone about this upcoming event. Admins emails are auto-completed but any email will work.

Great! We created an event and as you can see below it appears on your portal

After selecting the event option, the guest is prompted for an email and the passcode if there is one.

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