Prerequisites :

  • Have an Okta account with application creation right

  • Cloudi-Fi administrator account 

  • SAML module activated in your Cloudi-Fi settings

 1) Get your Cloudi-Fi Company Key

A trust must be establish between Cloudi-Fi and Okta to allow authentication.
To setup this trust, you have to provide to Okla your Cloudi-Fi Company Key.
In Cloudi-Fi admin portal, go to Settings and note your Company Key

2) Okta service configuration

  • Go to your Okta portal and switch in "Classic UI" mode.

  • Go to Application section, add a new application.

  • Click on "Create a new Application Integration

  • Select SAML 2.0

In General Settings page:

  • App name : Cloudi-Fi 

  • and click on Next  

In Configure SAML page :

  • Single sign on URL : add the Cloudi-Fi SAML URL and replace <companyKey> with your Cloudi-Fi Company Key<companyKey>
  • Configure the rest of the fields as described on below screenshots :

Once Cloudi-Fi application created on Okta, click on the button "View Setup Instructions" to retrieve technical informations to be configured on Cloudi-Fi portal.
Here are needed informations:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL or <idpSSOUrl>

  • Identity Provider Issuer or <idpIssuer>

  • X.509 Certificate or <idpCert>

  • Nota: for the certicate, keep only the text between the markers "Begin Certificate" and "End certificate", and copy this text on a unique line (see example below)

 3) Cloudi-Fi configuration

In Cloudi-Fi admin portal, go to Settings > Authentication module settings and select SAML 

Fill out the form as described below with details previously retrieved on Okla : 

  • IdP EntityId = <idpIssuer>

  • Binding Method = POST

  • IdP Endpoint = <idpSSOUrl>

  • Logout Binding Method = POST

  • Logout Endpoint = <idpSSOUrl>

  • IdP Signing Certificate = <idpCert> 

  • Email attribute name = mail

Finally, click on Save 

Once done, you will have to activate the SAML authentication on your captive portal.
Please contact our team at  to make the necessary changes to your captive portal or consult the articles available in our online help

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