Visitors can connect with various means depending on the configuration at the setup. A collected digital identity may be natively valid, invalid or require deeper research to be qualified. The validity is important for further online interaction with the guest.

In the Menu Identities, the "status" column gives a real time status of an identity.
4 different status are available:

Valid: Most social network natively use valid identities and email. When using declarative email module, Email domain can be confirmed by the SMTP relay. Large B2C email services such as Hotmail or Gmail are able to confirm if the email address is valid or not, few others are whitelisting emails which will be also considered as valid.
Invalid: Domain doesn't exist or connection to mail server is not possible or email has been rejected.
Unknown: Unknown status is shown when the validity hasn't been yet confirmed. Identity validity cannot be natively confirmed and requires deeper research. This is usually related to the recent new identities which will require few hours for the status to be confirmed. Sometimes this can take longer for instance if the SMTP relay is unavailable.
Disposable: Only related to declarative email. This is related to disposable emails which are usually used for a one time or unique use.

While most modules can natively confirm the validity of an identity or not, declarative email is the most challenging. We usually see a range of 50% to 90% of confirmed emails depending on the strength of the brand and the exclusivity of the content available on the Wi-Fi.

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