WeChat is the most famous app in China. Almost every Chinese uses Wechat in their daily life and expect to use it whenever it is convenient. As a result, WeChat social connect on Wi-Fi enhances the user journey and community interaction. 

Cloudi-Fi solution fully supports WeChat authentication. It is based on a custom OAuth2 authentication protocol.

Enabling WeChat authentication is simple, it requires to register your Wechat application in Cloudi-Fi and to generate the Wechat QR code. The whole process is described below:

1. Register your own Application ID with the following details :
Go to Settings > Advanced Configuration.
Select “WeChat” in the dropdown list.
Fill out your Application ID / Secret (see screen capture below).

2. Click on the QR Code link in order to retrieve the unique QR Code for locations using Wechat. When using Wechat to connect on Wi-Fi, Wechat requires to scan this QR Code from the App to complete authentication on the captive portal.

Note: While For now, Wechat only supports one domain per Application ID. As you just add Cloudi-Fi domain, you won't be able to add your own application domain or a new application. Fortunately, third party services can bring up a WeChat Proxy which will allow you to reuse the same AppID and connect various applications to WeChat.

Follow this Help page if you have multiple application to connect with WeChat.

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