In 2015 Chinese government has issued a mandate that for compliance all Public Guest WiFi must deploy a Chinese Government Certified Security Audit Gateway at each premises.

In addition in 2016 July, the government has passed a data localisation mandate (part of the National Network Security Law), to ensure all personal data collected in China are stored locally in China.

As such, nowadays in order to deploy a Chinese government compliance guest Wi-Fi, all the personal data collected for the propose of public WiFi must be collected using a Chinese Government certified Gateway, currently only a hand full of local vendor are certified to produce.

Cloudi-Fi has a ICP licence to operate on the Chinese Web.
Cloudi-Fi has established local user data storage in partnership with AliBaba in various datacenters in China.
Cloudi-Fi has also signed a strategic business partnership with CBCCom ISP in Dec 2017 to provide a complete solution with connectivity, local box and cloud services.

Finally Wechat Connect is critical when providing guest WiFi services in China, Cloudi-Fi also has a solution to elegantly provide Wechat Connect.

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