With campaigns, we give you the power to manage dynamic content to be displayed on your portals.
You can use campaigns for different use cases like events, advertising or information.

If you host a special event and want your customers to know about it, push a campaign and you can bound it to a time period

Advertising: Launch advertising campaigns easily on your guest Wi-Fi. Target them to your new visitors or reward regulars with a special offer.

Information: Communicate on important topics through the rich channel that is your guest Wi-Fi.

Campaigns are flexible. You can be pretty specific and show a campaign only in the evening and only for your guests that sign in with Facebook at one of your locations to invite them at an event that night. You could retarget them with a Facebook event to further engage them.

Or, you could broadcast an advertising to all of your locations all the time.

With multiple spots and campaigns randomization you can display more than one campaign on your signup page or your landing page.

To activate this module on your account, please contact us and we will be glad to bring you up to speed.

To know more about campaigns, take a peek at the video tour on the top of this article or dive deeper with these articles:

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