Targeting is important. Getting the right message to the right person is essential. That's why we offer many options in the campaign creation tool to show it only to the visitors that you think may be interested.


You can set your campaign to start and end on particular dates. Note that the start date is inclusive while the end date is not.

You can also limit your campaign to some hours. This way, you could only show an event campaign while the event is occurring.

Another option is to show your campaign only on specific days like the weekends for instance.


It is possible to filter and display your campaign only to new or returning guests. The most common use case would be a reward program to faithful visitors.

You can also target a specific authentication mode like email or social networks. This way you can combine your campaign with other channels.

Finally, you may limit to certain devices. Mobile users can receive SMS right away while computer users have bigger screens.

Location targeting

In the position step, you can select the locations you want your campaign to appear in.
Country or city specific campaigns are possible by selecting only the locations that match your needs.

Of course, you can mix all of these filters to get the perfect targeting for your campaign.

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