Locations managers allow you to add administrators that are scoped only to a location. They can only see and interact with data that is scoped to that location (reports, users,...). 

Multiple managers can be set for the same location, they will have the same level of privilege.

In the settings page of the admin console, under the administrator pane, you can import your managers with a CSV in a specific format.

Here's an example:

Location;Email;Profile;First Name;Last Name

  • The headers row is mandatory as it will be used to parse the CSV 

  • Location is the name of the location you want to tie your manager with 

  • Email is mandatory as the new manager will receive a mail to set his/her password

  • Profile is the name of the profile to assign to these managers

  • Optionally, you can add first name or last name

After the CSV upload, you will be presented with a diagnosis of the CSV upload.

New managers will be added to the green success tally section.

Already created managers or managers that are already tied to a location will be added to the orange ignored tally section

If errors are encountered, like an unknown  location name, they will be displayed with their CSV line number and the name that caused the error.

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