You have decided to become a Cloudi-Fi customer after a successful Proof Of Concept. Your POC account will seamlessly and automatically convert to a dedicated production account at the start of your service subscription. 

Your configuration will remain the same: custom settings, locations and portals will be kept. Collected identities and visits can be cleared out on request to Cloudi-Fi Success Team prior to the migration. 

Moreover subscription details can be seen in the settings/subscription menu.

Do you have any actions to finalise the migration to the final account ? For any existing locations it depends on the type, more details below:

URL Redirect / Virtual locations / IoT

Your configuration is converted automatically without any action from your side.

VPN Deployment (IPSec FQDN, IPSEC IP or GRE) 

In case of VPN locations, you will be moved to a production cloud and will have to modify your VPN endpoint configuration. The main VPN configuration will remain the same, you will just have to change the destination IP or/and login.

You will be provided with the new VPN details prior to your migration and Cloudi-Fi Success Team is available to assist you in the location migration process.

Note: PoC account are used with only few locations so the migration of existing locations is easy.

Now you can enable your locations to deploy the service globally.

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