Connect to Cloudi-Fi administration interface

First connection? Please follow the embedded 10 minutes interface tour.
Or migrating from an evaluation to a production account?

Define your captive portal requirements

If you do not have yet your own captive portal, make sure to let know the Cloudi-Fi Creative Lab Team of your wishes. Fill out the form: 

Configure your Locations

Claim your networks to enable the service.
Cloudi-Fi service can be enabled from your router/firewall/SD-WAN device:
Or the service can be enabled from your WiFi infrastructure, checkout if your devices are supported:

If you do not find your equipment, please contact Cloudi-Fi Success Team.

Add administrators

Add administrators with limited role and restricted scope (geographical or functional):
Or add administrators massively for each site:

Checkout the status of the service for each location

Live status or the service is shown for each of the locations configured. This is useful to check if the service is running for each site:

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