This article describe how to enable Cloudi-Fi Hotspot with Aruba Mobility Controler.

1) Create a WLAN

Go to Configuration > WLANs > Click on "+"

Name (SSID) : whatever you want
Primary Usage : Guest
Broadcast on : Depending your existing configuration
Forwarding mode: Tunnel 

Click Next.

VLAN configuration is depending your existing configuration.
We recommand you to assign a dedicated VLAN for your Guest.
Click Next.

In Security tab,
Select "ClearPass of other external Captive Portal"
Click on "+" to add an Auth Servers: information will be provided by Cloudi-Fi Support
Host addressing: IPv4
Page: will be provided by Cloudi-Fi Support
Redirect URL: can be blank.

Click Next.
On Access tab, click Finish.

2) Create Firewall Whitelist

Go to Role & Policies > Aliases > Click on "+"

Name: Cloudi-Fi-Whitelist
Add these "name" entries:

  • *



(If you have social medias on your captive portal, Cloudi-Fi support will provide you extra needed URLs)

3) L3 Captive Portal

Go to Authentification > L3 Authentication > *YourGuestSSID*_ccpm_prof
Default Role: Guest
Default Guest Role: Guest
Redirect Pause: 0
User Login: Enabled
Logout popup window: Disabled
Show Welcome page: Disabled
Add Switch IP address in the redirection URL: Enabled
Add user vlan in redirection URL: Enabled
Adding AP(s MAC address in redirection URL: Enabled
Whitelist: Add "Cloudi-Fi-Whitelist" aliases
Click on Submit

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