If you experience some latency or access issues to the Cloudi-Fi captive portal, our support team can ask you to perform a capture of the web requests in your web browser.

This article will explain you how to perform this task.

To capture the web requests, we will use the "Web Developer mode" of the web browser.

How to capture all the web requests:

1) Connect to the Guest SSID with your laptop

2) Wait for your default web browser to be automatically opened

3) Open a new tab and start the web developer tools

4) Access to a HTTP website like http://3wi.fi or http://neverssl.com

5) Once the captive portal is completely displayed, you can stop and save the capture.

Please find below how to enable the developer mode:

In Firefox:

Press the menu button > Web Developer > Network

Check "Persist Logs" and "Disable Cache".

Once the capture finished, go to "HAR > Save all as HAR" and save the file on your disk.

Then send this file to Cloudi-Fi support team.

In Chrome:

Press F12 or

Press the menu button > More tools > Developer Tools

Check "Preserve log" and "Disable cache"

nce the capture finished, right click on a web request and select "Save all as HAR with content" and save the file on your disk.

Then, send this file to Cloudi-Fi Support team.

In Microsoft Edge:

Press F12 and go to network tab

Or press menu button, More tools > Developer tools

Disable to option "Delete entries" (2)

Once the capture is finished, click on the floppy to save it.

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