1) Note the Cloudi-Fi Redirect URL

Go to Cloudi-Fi admin interface > Settings > Integrations

Select Mist (Juniper) and copy the "portal URL" and save it in a notepad.

2) Configure the WLAN in MIST interface

In Mist Dashboard, go to Network > WLANs and edit the WLAN where you want to enable Cloudi-Fi

In the Security section, select "Open"

In the Guest portal section:

  • Select "Forward to external portal"

  • Portal URL: paste the Cloudi-Fi URL

  • Allowed Hostnames: cloudi-fi.net, cloudi-fi.com (extra URLs may be required if you use social networks connectors).

  • Note the API secret in a notepad

3) Configure the API Secret in Cloudi-Fi

Return in Cloudi-Fi admin interface > Settings > Integrations ‣ Juniper Mist

Fill in the API Secret key and click on "Save changes"

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