As a company, you might experience many visitors and even employees wanting access to the Internet for their personal devices or their laptops. Often, as a company, a person is dedicated to do this: A receptionist giving manual access. Thanks to the Lobby Menu, you can simplify this process and create and edit visitor profiles- easily. These credentials can be printed.

This feature is not only useful, but is also very easy to use (as you can see in our short video.) . Furthermore, it is very secure. You only have access to the visitor profile information. No other information is accessible.

This feature has now been updated to be a lot more user friendly, with several new features. Here is a list of all the improvements made:

  • User friendly layout: the UX and the UI have been redesigned to make everything easier to read and to edit

  • Encrypted passwords: passwords are not visible after creation unless they are reset

  • Personalised rules for the generation of user IDs and passwords: this would make it possible for a client to create a password containing only numbers, for example

If you still have questions about how to use the Lobby feature, feel free to contact us.

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