Connect to your Extreme Network CloudIQ interface

Note: If you never configured Cloudi-Fi Guest WiFi in your CloudIQ account, go to this article : Enable Cloudi-Fi in your CloudIQ infrastructure

Go to Configure > Network Policies > Edit your policy

Go to Wireless networks tab and edit the Guest WLAN.

Scroll down to User Access Settings :

  • Edit the default user profile

In the Create User Profile window, go to Security tab:

  • Enable Firewall Rules : ON

  • Create a new Firewall Rule :
    - IP Firewall Name : Cloudi-Fi Logging
    - Click +to add a rule
    - Service : Any
    - Source IP : Any
    - Destination IP : Any
    - Action : Permit
    - Logging : Session Initiation
    - Click Save Firewall Rules

Note that in our example, we allow all flows, but you can create deny rules if you want to deny specific flows.

Then, you can save the Wireless Policies settings

Go to Additional Settings tab:

Go to Management Server > Syslog

  • Enable Syslog Server : ON

  • Cloudi-Fi Support team will provide you Syslog IP and Port

  • Syslog group :
    - Select Emergency for all group
    - Except for Security, select Info

  • Click on Save Syslog Server

Go to Deploy tab and deploy your policy on your devices.

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