By default, when a visitor trigger the Session Idle Timeout timer (between 1 to 30min max) due to inactivity, his session will be deleted by the AP and when the user will want to use the network again, he will be redirected on the splash page.

Here is to configuration to avoid this behavior.

Note: In this article, we assume that you already configured your Cloudi-Fi Guest SSID.

If not, please check this article :

Go to Configure > Network Policy > Edit your Policy > Wireless Networks tab

Go to MAC Authentication tab and enable it.

Authentication protocol : PAP

Scroll down to User Access Settings section:

Apply a different user profile to various clients and user groups : Enabled

Allow user profile assignment using RADIUS attributes : Enabled

Standard RADIUS Attribute : 11_Filter-Id

Then click on the + to add a user profile rule.

Name : cloudifi-<Profile>

Click Save User profile

Note that this profile name must match an existing profile in your Cloudi-Fi account.

The name of the profile in CloudiIQ must look like this : cloudifi-<Profile>

To verify your Cloudi-Fi Guest profile, go to Cloudi-Fi admin UI > Identities > Profiles

Tick "Enable CWP BYPASS"

Then create an Assignment Rule for this profile.

Name: cloudifi-<Profile>

Click + to add the RADIUS Attribute rule :

Select A single standard RADIUS Attribute Value Pair

Attribute value : cloudifi-<Profile>

Click OK and Save the rule

Save the Wireless Networks tab

Go to Deploy tab and deploy the policy on your devices.

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