1) The Captive Portal doesn't appear when the visitor connect to the Guest WiFi network

Step 1 : Verify the device's network configuration

  • Does the device get an IP Address from the DHCP server?
    If not, verify the DHCP Server or the Layer 2 connectivity between the device and the DHCP Server
    If yes, go to the next point.

  • Does the device can resolve public FQDN?
    Try to resolve login.cloudi-fi.net from the device.
    If the device is not able to resolve it, verify the connectivity between the device and the DNS Server.
    If yes, go to the next point.

  • Access to a HTTP Website.
    Try to access to a HTTP Website to trigger the captive portal.
    Go to http://neverssl.com or http://3wi.fi
    - The webpage cannot be displayed : Means there is an issue with the Internet access. If you use our WAN Deployment with VPN, verify the VPN status.
    - The Cloudi-Fi Captive Portal appears : The issue may come from the visitor's device which don't perform its connectivity check. Try to restart the device and reconnect to the Guest WiFi.
    - The NeverSSL website appears correctly : means your device may already been authenticated in Cloudi-Fi Captive Portal and is allowed to browse Internet.

Step 2: Verify Cloudi-Fi Captive Portal availability

  • Connect to Cloudi-Fi Admin interface. Go to Locations and try to display the portal. If you can see the captive, that means our services are UP and running.

  • If you cannot access to Cloudi-Fi administration interface, try to access to https://login.cloudi-fi.net
    You should be redirected to http://3wi.fi and see a Cloudi-Fi blue page.
    That means Cloudi-Fi services are UP and running.

Step 3: Contact the Cloudi-FI Support team

Finally, if the problem is not identified, you can contact Cloudi-Fi Support team by email or by the chat in the Cloudi-Fi Admin interface.

They may ask you to perform a capture of the HTTP Request.

Please refer to this documentation : How to capture HTTP Requests.

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