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Welcome to June 2021 Release note, this month we continued our UI refresh effort, we moved some settings features and we rebuilt a great integration module to make it even better:

New features


  • Meraki: with this new version, you have now more control than ever on what Cloudi-Fi can synchronize from your Meraki infrastructure. You can now automatically create locations from some or all your networks, or even your devices tags if that’s how you manage them. Our synchronization mechanism is also twice as fast even if it may still take some times if you have a large infrastructure. This is why we made this new integration “stateful” which means you can start it, leave it aside, resume it later. Last but not least, we now support multiple activations so you can plug your Cloudi-Fi account to different Meraki organizations and/or select different settings for different networks. More information can be found on Meraki integration on our KB article.

  • Zscaler: Cloudi-Fi can now be enabled on any existing exiting Zscaler tenant with SAML authentication enabled. With the previous synchronization method a dedicated Zscaler was required. Today, we extended our capabilities by providing a solution to customers which would like to enable Cloudi-Fi directly in their Zscaler tenant and re-use existing Tunnels. Furthermore, tunnel provisioning is now nearly real time. Create your location and you will almost immediately get your tunnel connection details.

  • Cambium: We now support integration with Cambium network infrastructure with on premise CN Maestro controller.

General improvements:

  • My Account and Company Account: those sections were revamped. Subscription and service usage are back in the Company Account, in a more readable way than before.

  • Advanced Settings: this section is gone and its features were splitted into Auth Modes, Integrations and Extensions.

Guest registration:

  • SAML authentication for Sponsors on Guest account validation

  • Multi step validation - Multiple services may have to give their aggreement before a Guest can connect to the network

  • QR Code scanning to grant access to your guests. On connection to the portal, a QR Code may show up on the Guest screen. Once scanned by a Sponsor, Guest gets access to the Wifi Network.

  • LDAP Authentication support

Bug fixes

  • Improved authentication and session (users were disconnected too frequently)

  • Wrong portal was showing up randomly due to a caching issue.

  • User recognition randomly failed due encryption key access issue.

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