This article describes how to enable Cloudi-Fi captive portal on Cradlepoint.

This setup consists of below main parts:

  1. Get Cloudi-Fi required information

  2. Configure your DHCP and your Guest network

  3. SSID Configuration

  4. Cradlepoint – External syslog server configuration

1. Get Cloudi-Fi required URL

Location URL : this URL will be used to configure an External Captive Portal

  • Cloudi-Fi administration > Locations > Click on the menu button of the location and select Copy Splash page URI

Transform the URI as following

Company Key :

  • Go to Settings > Company Account and copy the Cloudi-Fi Public Key

Radius Server Information

  • Use the chatbot interface and ask for the Radius IPs and secret

2. Configure your DHCP and your Guest network

  • Go to your NetCloud center configuration.

  • Go to the Devices’ list, select yours and Edit its Configuration.

  • We start by activating the DHCP server on the Cradlepoint. Go to Networking > Local Networks. Select Local IP Networks. There, you can add a new Network or edit an existing one.

  • Choose a name for your Network. Here, we've chosen "Cloudi-Guest".

  • Then, select an IP addresses range. Don't forget to choose "Hotspot" as an IPV4 Routing Mode.

  • Make sure that your DHCP Server is enabled.

3. SSID Configuration

  • For each Wifi Radio, edit the SSID.

  • Change its security mode to « Open ».

  • Then, go to « Hotspot Services ».

  • Select the Hotspot mode « RADIUS/UAM ».

  • Login URL : paste your « Splash Page URI »

  • Then, in the « Allowed Hosts/Domain Prior to Authentication » menu, add at least the following hosts :

    • *

    • *

    • Server Address

4. Cradlepoint – External syslog server configuration

  • On your device’s configuration, go to System > System Logging

  • Change the Logging Level to Debug

  • Enter the Syslog Server Address (provided by Cloudi-Fi Support Team)

  • Enter the port 514

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