This article describes how to enable Cloudi-Fi captive portal on EnGenius.

This setup consists of below main parts:

  1. Get Cloudi-Fi required information

  2. Create a new project

  3. Create a captive portal

  4. Configure your SSID

1. Get Cloudi-Fi required URL

The URL will be provided by Cloudi-Fi support team.

Radius Server Information

  • Use the chatbot interface and ask for the Radius IPs and secret

2. Create a new project

Go to your EnGenius interface

Go to Project > Create New Project then name your Project

3. Create the captive portal

Click on Hotspot Service > Captive Portal then add a new one

We'll see two Authentication Types.

  • The first one is the RADIUS.

Choose a name for your portal, select RADIUS Server as your Authentication Type then paste the server’s address and the RADIUS’ secret provided by Cloudi-Fi

  • The second Authentication Type is the Splash & go.

For this one, you just have to check the Splash & go's box.

Now we can configure the Splash Page.

Paste your modified URI in the External Splash Page URL box

Enable the Walled Garden and add these hosts :

  • *

  • *

You can now apply this portal to your SSID

4. Configure your SSID

On Device Management > Device Config, select your Device Name

Enable your SSID, choose a name, enable the Captive Portal and select your previously created profile

You can enable the Traffic Shaping if you want to add some limits to your users

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