This article describes how to enable Cloudi-Fi captive portal on Zyxel Nebula

This setup consists of below main parts:

  1. Get Cloudi-Fi required information

  2. SSID Configuration

  3. Captive portal configuration

1. Get Cloudi-Fi required URL

Location URL : this URL will be used to configure an External Captive Portal

  • Cloudi-Fi administration > Locations > Click on the menu button of the location and select Copy Splash page URI

Transform the URI as following

2. SSID Configuration

Go to Access point > SSID advanced settings. From the SSID dropdown, choose the SSID to deploy and configure as following:

Network Access :

  • Security options : Open

  • Sign-in method : Click-to-continue

Captive portal Advance setting

  • Walled garden : Enabled

    • Walled garden ranges : add

Strict Policy : Block all access until sign-on

2. Captive portal configuration

On External captive portal URL, paste your « Splash Page URI »

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